1. Rubber cable H07RN-F 5G6 - 25 m
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Rubber cable H07RN-F


Where there is a need for a flexible cable connection for i.e. power supply for building projects, machinery, electric tools and devices in trade and agriculture. Can be used for fixed installations. Can be put directly into water, as HO7 RN8-F. >120 mm2: 1-conductor. The cable has passed the Torsion-test of the windturbine manufacturers with 2000 vertical twists.


Conductor: CU-threads insulated with rubber, cl. 5
>150 mm2: cl. 6 threads
Conductor colour
: 2-5 conductors coloured, 7 conductors or more black with white numbering.
The protective conductor is yellow/green in both sizes.
Outer sheath: Neopren, meter marked

Mains-/test voltage:

0,6/1 kV 2500V

Working temperature:

-40°C … +90°C

Bend radius:

4 x cable diameter





Other dimensions on inquiry


EL-number Dim. (mm²) Laying up Colour Dim. (mm)
1334800166 2x1 R100 Sort 8,3
1334800179 2x1,5 R100 Sort 8,7
1334800182 3G1 R100 Sort 9,1
1334800195 3G1,5 R100 Sort 10
1334800205 3G1,5 T500 Sort 10
1334800218 3G2,5 R25 Sort 12,5
1334800221 3G2,5 R50 Sort 12,5
1334800234 5G1,5 R50 Sort 12,5
1334800247 5G1,5 R100 Sort 12,5
1334800250 5G2,5 R25 Sort 15
1334800263 5G2,5 R50 Sort 15
1334800276 5G2,5 R100 Sort 15
1334800289 5G6 R25 Sort 19,5
1334800292 5G10 R25 Sort 26
1334800302 5G16 R25 Sort 30,5
1334800315 5G35 T500 Sort 39
1334800328 5G50 T500 Sort 44,5

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