Resentment right and Complaint right

Resentment right:

You can only return the products and use the resentment right, if you return the products in nearly the same condition and amount as you received them. You are allowed to unpack the product and use it, if you can return it almost in the same condition and amount. Therefore, the resentment right doesn’t apply any more, if you use the product in a way that obviously reduces the product’s sales value considerably. If you use the resentment right and return a product, we pay for shipping. If you have bought a product via our Internet shop, you mostly have the right to resent the buy. You have to return the product to us at the latest 14 days after you have received it. You can return the product by refusing the delivery. You can also come personally to our address and return the product. Our address is:

ACelSHOP ApS - Lille Strandstræde 14 -1254 - Copenhagen K - Phone: 40300006 - E-mail address:

If you return the product, we will repay the amount via Internet banking to the address that we have registered in connection with the purchase. We repay as soon as possible after we have received the product and checked that it corresponds to the conditions of the resentment right.

There is no resentment right for:

- Special products, which are produced or adapted according to the consumer’s individual needs, if the carrying out, production or adapting process is started. But this role applies only, if you have given ACelSHOP ApS your permission to start the production process before the end of the resentment right.

Complaint right:

In accordance with consumer purchasing laws you have the complaint right 24 months after purchasing for all products. It means, that the clients can complain about defects or the workmanship of products that have arisen 24 months after the purchase. However, the requirement is that those defects have not arisen because of wrong use or other mishandling of the product. You have to complain within a reasonable time after you have observed the defect. If you complain within 2 months, your complaint is always considered as a right-time complaint. If the complaint is well-founded, we will refund reasonable transport costs that you may have in connection with the refund of the product. If you have a complaint regarding a product, you have to send this to the address:

ACelSHOP ApS - Lille Strandstræde 14 - 1254 - Copenhagen K - Phone: 40300006 - E-mail adresse: